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    Full Marketing Strategy

    Relative notes, if needed

    Media Plan

    Relative notes, if needed

    Content Marketing

    Relative notes, if needed


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    Paid Digital Advertising

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    Social Media Marketing

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    SEO Marketing Solutions

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    Email Marketing

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    Write short description of product/brand/services. What are the core values of the company? What is the personality, philosophy, or mission statement of the brand? What is the brand’s voice? Be as specific as possible so that not only internal staff members fully understand the purpose or existence of the business, but external parties like stakeholders, directors, ad agencies and copywriters are fully informed as well. Detailed pricing and selling processes are needed too. Describe the current situation.

    List everyone involved in the campaign and their responsibilities. (Who is in charge of design? Who is in charge of executing each marketing activity? Who will keep the creative team on the right timeline?) It is helpful for the staff to know what relationships are at risk and who their work is benefiting?

    How much budget is allocated?

    Who are we trying to reach with this campaign?

    Beyond demographics or data, who is your customer and what do they want to achieve?

    What is the key idea to be remembered?

    What characteristics define the brand?

    Clearly list the guidelines, terms and conditions, legal requirements, project deliverables, and disclaimers. All expectations should be laid out on the table so that there aren’t any surprises. The brand’s tone and call to action are important to convey throughout the brief as well.

    What are the deliverables for this campaign (videos, billboards, online ads, etc.)?

    • What do you like/dislike about their branding and why?

    • What does your brand have in common with them?

    • Are you looking to be similar to them, or entirely different?

    • Which areas are they ahead of you?

    Write additional notes add links, references, other important information etc.

    Add drafts, images or archive you want to share or share link to cloud storage(GoogleDrive etc...)*max size 25mb

    I'm also interested in Real-Estate Branding / Branding Identity.

    I'm also interested in Architectural 3d Visualization.

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