Illustrating Architecture • Real-Estate Branding • Off-Plan Marketing

Illustrating Architecture • Real-Estate Branding • Off-Plan Marketing

“Architecture I See You” is a creative agency. Our multidisciplinary team of CG & 3d Artists, Brand & Marketing Managers, Architects & Interior Designers do:

  • Illustrating 3d Visualized stories of non-built architecture, architectural 3d visualization for off-plan property marketing and real estate;
  • Creating Brand Identity and exclusive content presentation;
  • Uniting Marketing Collectives into Campaigns;

Our Clients are Property Developers, Real Estate, Branding & Marketing Agencies, Architect & Design Professionals, Product manufacturers.

Exterior 3d Render

Interior Design 3d Render

High-End Movie / Film / 3d Animation

Virtual Reality/ Panorama Tour 360* / 3d Tour

Brand Identity

Logo Design

Brochure / Presentation

Website Design & Application Development

Compex Marketing Strategy

Media Planning

Targeting Audiences

Communication Channels


Architecture I See You illustrates the non-built architecture, real-estate, and off-plan property, creates a powerful eye-catching story about an object of interest. Our goals are to provide the relevant story to the target audience, the highest technical quality, and the appropriate style of the illustrations in every image. Whether it is photorealistic luxury real estate 3d render lifestyle story or moody dream of a paradise peace you’re willing to sell.

We deliver the story in 3 main ways:

  • Still Image
  • Animation
  • Virtual Tour

Animation is a must-have selling instrument for marketers. Real estate listings with animation increase the inquiries at a stunning 403%, according to Inman (Real Estate News Source).

Creating architectural 3d visualization is our top priority.



Architecture I See You also provides services in creating Brand Identity for Real Estate Developments.

A brand is an emotional and even philosophical concept, while brand identity is its visual component that represents larger ideas.

Brand identity is the face of a brand. It includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Typography & Colors
  • Packaging & Messaging
  • Books, Brochures and Presentations
  • Website & Application Design
  • other marketing collectives

A Real Estate Brand Identity is the who, what, how, why, and where of property development. It sets the tone for how the upcoming real estate property is represented to a prospective buyer. Also, it provides a sense of who you are, what values you reflect and what your offer is, and delivers your message and content to your audience.

Branding tends to ensure your customer identifies your development as likable and finds its personality to get acquainted with, leaves a mark in a memory, emphasizes the strongest benefits of it.

It’s about creating Desire and adding Value makeup of Real Estate.

Branding Identity

Brand Identity is the face of a brand.  

A Real Estate Brand Identity is the who, what, how, why, and where of a property development. It sets the tone for how the upcoming real estate property is represented to a prospective buyer. Also, it provides a sense of who you are, what values you reflect and what your offer is, and delivers your message and content to your audience.


Book / Brochure / Presentation

Real estate book and brochure are often used to present and advertise the best features of a property, along with other marketing tools. These deliverables can be used to represent a single apartment, house, condo, commercial property. They also can highlight a group of developments.

Logo Design

A logo in real estate development reveals the identity and invites new customers to get to know you, distinguishes your offer from the competitors, and facilitates brand loyalty.

Website Design & Development

Real estate websites are convenience to buyers and exposure to sellers. It creates a brand identity for your company online. Buyers can look through hundreds of property images, videos, features and even have a virtual tour or schedule a real one. Access to the websites has no limitations – prospective buyers can find your real estate offer from anywhere, at any hour, seven days a week. You can reach and market to people you’ve not even met yet.

Application Design & Development

Mobile Apps for Real Estate increase direct communication and engagement with prospective buyers, increase brand awareness, create a useful marketing channel and an effective loyalty program, get you ahead of your competitors, get buyers through funnel to entry, offer unique services.

Our mission is to create your core unique branding identity.


Marketing plays a crucial role in showcasing development property, securing buyer interest, and closing sales. It also is a powerful mean of competition in the market that brings your money back with profit.

When selling an off-plan it’s important to use the right type of visual aids in your marketing campaigns, advertising, and social media. It’s all about uniting relevant marketing components, and making them to be relevant.

Such a principle guaranties that seller does not undersell the property, by the means of attracting larger number of prospective buyers. Real estate marketing ensures speed of sale and drives the maximum price.

Marketing Strategy

Statistically, many of the real estate games are won or lost on the stage of the first impressions. That is why proper marketing strategy should be chosen at the very beginning. It increases the ROMI, price, and liquidity of property it influences the Brand directly.

Media Planing

The marketing strategy is the approach, set of principles for achieving your competitive advantage, while the media planning contains the definite activities with visual content as a part of marketing campaign.

Targeting Audiences

There are many subsets of digital marketing to consider based on the audience. For example, buyers of different ages may rely on different forms of social media to assist with their efforts. It is impractical to advertise everywhere, so it is better to know the target audience and where it is likely to reach them. 

Communication Channels

If the property development communicates with its audience via only a website, it will miss out on the opportunity to connect with customers who prefer emails, social media, or other communication channels. So, the goal here is to create the most persuasive marketing content for corresponding channels.

Our goal is your success.

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