Architectural 3d Visualization Project Brief

Architectural 3d Visualization
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    Still Images

    1.1. Exterior Visualization

    1.2. Interior Visualization

    1.3. Commercial Visualization


    2.1. Film

    2.2. Walkthrough/Birdfly

    2.3. Animation

    Interactive Content

    3.1. Virtual Reality

    3.2. 360 Panorama Tour

    3.3. WebSite with Interactive Integrations

    Add links to references you like or dislike etc.

    What areas & floor plans are you looking to showcase with 3D Renders?

    What is your budget on Visualization Project?

    When are you planning on launching your sales & marketing campaign?

    Specify your Customer Personas, you're trying to reach.

    Does the Project have Unique Selling Proposition?

    What is the key idea to be remembered?

    • What do you like/dislike about their campaign and why?

    • What do your campaigns have in common?

    • Do you want to be similar to them, or entirely different?

    • In which areas are they better than you?

    Floor Plan

    Site Photos

    Site Plan

    Roof Plan

    Landscape Plan

    Camera Angle

    Building Elevations

    Revit / SketchUp model

    Google maps coordinates

    Specify your expectations in few sentences (add links etc.)

    Add drafts, images or archive you want to share or share link to cloud storage(GoogleDrive etc...)*max size 25mb

    I'm also interested in Real-Estate Branding / Branding Identity service.

    I'm also interested in Off-Plan Property Marketing service.

    High-quality, emotional architectural 3D visualizations not only give your project more up-market appearance, but also help to enhance interest and engagement in it, as well as promote the success of your larger marketing initiatives.

    We always choose quality over quantity.


    It depends on the scale of the project. Usually, the project takes 1-2 weeks up to 3 months.


    Architectural 3D visualizations range from $2500 to $4000 per image.
    Architectural 3D Animations start from $16000 per 30 seconds of 3D animated video.

    As a minimum, we propose the following 3D visualizations for all projects:

    • Exterior 3D Render – How the development will seem in relation to its surroundings.
    • Standard Interior Package – Demonstrating how the interior area will look to potential customers.
      1. Kitchen/dining
      2. Living/outdoor
      3. Bathroom
      4. Balcony or patio

    Following are the picture quantities and budgets that we propose for the majority of client projects:

    • S scale= 3-5 visualizations starting from $9,000
    • M scale = 7-18 visualizations starting from $20,000
    • L scale = 20-40 visualizations starting from $50,000

    Information we need to prepare a proposal?

    1. Architectural Plans – this will give us a general understanding of the project, its location and unit type selection.
    2. Project Brief
      • At what stage of the development process are you?
      • When are you planning on launching your sales & marketing campaign? 
      • What areas & floor plans are you looking to showcase with 3D Renders?
    3. Information availability – what information will we have to work with?
      • 3D Model
      • Exterior finishes
      • Interior finishes
      • Landscaping plans


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